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Sold outVintage Hermès Kelly Lizard Cuff - Parallel LuxuryVintage Hermès Kelly Lizard Cuff - Parallel Luxury
Chanel Necklace - Parallel LuxuryChanel Necklace - Parallel Luxury
Chanel Necklace Sale price$946.00
Chanel Vintage Starburst Earrings - Parallel LuxuryChanel Vintage Starburst Earrings - Parallel Luxury
Sold outDior Vintage Gold Plated Necklace - Parallel LuxuryDior Vintage Gold Plated Necklace - Parallel Luxury
Escada Earrings - Parallel LuxuryEscada Earrings - Parallel Luxury
Escada Earrings Sale price$328.00
Givenchy Necklace - Parallel LuxuryGivenchy Necklace - Parallel Luxury
Givenchy Necklace Sale price$248.00
Sold outMarc by Marc Jacobs Necklace - Parallel LuxuryMarc by Marc Jacobs Necklace - Parallel Luxury
Sold outD&G Bracelet - Parallel LuxuryD&G Bracelet - Parallel Luxury
D&G Bracelet Sale price$228.00
Kalinger Vintage Star Earrings - Parallel LuxuryKalinger Vintage Star Earrings - Parallel Luxury
Sold outYSL Vintage Earrings - Parallel LuxuryYSL Vintage Earrings - Parallel Luxury
YSL Vintage Earrings Sale price$158.00
Ferragamo Necklace - Parallel LuxuryFerragamo Necklace - Parallel Luxury
Ferragamo Necklace Sale price$298.00
Moschino Vintage Tassel Necklace - Parallel LuxuryMoschino Vintage Tassel Necklace - Parallel Luxury
Sold outGivenchy Vintage Statement Necklace - Parallel LuxuryGivenchy Vintage Statement Necklace - Parallel Luxury
Kalinger Vintage Half Hoop Earrings - Parallel LuxuryKalinger Vintage Half Hoop Earrings - Parallel Luxury
Vigner Necklace and Earring Set - Parallel LuxuryVigner Necklace and Earring Set - Parallel Luxury
Vintage Lucite Earrings - Parallel LuxuryVintage Lucite Earrings - Parallel Luxury
Steven Vaubel Bracelet 1988 - Parallel LuxurySteven Vaubel Bracelet 1988 - Parallel Luxury
Steven Vaubel Bracelet 1988 Sale price$848.00
Ciner Vintage Giraffe Bracelet - Parallel LuxuryCiner Vintage Giraffe Bracelet - Parallel Luxury
Sterling Silver Necklace - Parallel LuxurySterling Silver Necklace - Parallel Luxury
Sterling Silver Necklace Sale price$168.00
Sold outMetal Layered Bib Necklace - Parallel LuxuryMetal Layered Bib Necklace - Parallel Luxury
Vintage Lisner Necklace - Parallel LuxuryVintage Lisner Necklace - Parallel Luxury
Vintage Lisner Necklace Sale price$32.00
Vintage Monet Clasp Bracelet - Parallel LuxuryVintage Monet Clasp Bracelet - Parallel Luxury
Sold outVintage Faux Pearl Necklace - Parallel LuxuryVintage Faux Pearl Necklace - Parallel Luxury
Vintage Tortolani Necklace - Parallel LuxuryVintage Tortolani Necklace - Parallel Luxury
Sarah Coventry Choker/Necklace - Parallel LuxurySarah Coventry Choker/Necklace - Parallel Luxury
Gold Plated Necklace - Parallel LuxuryGold Plated Necklace - Parallel Luxury
Gold Plated Necklace Sale price$58.00
Sold outAlex + Ani Anklet - Parallel LuxuryAlex + Ani Anklet - Parallel Luxury
Alex + Ani Anklet Sale price$38.00
Sold outGold Rose Earrings - Parallel LuxuryGold Rose Earrings - Parallel Luxury
Gold Rose Earrings Sale price$30.00
Unisex Bracelet - Parallel LuxuryUnisex Bracelet - Parallel Luxury
Unisex Bracelet Sale price$58.00
Nolan Miller Necklace - Parallel LuxuryNolan Miller Necklace - Parallel Luxury
Nolan Miller Necklace Sale price$32.00
Sold outVintage Chanel Belt - 1984 - Parallel LuxuryVintage Chanel Belt - 1984 - Parallel Luxury
Vintage Chanel Belt - 1984 Sale price$1,000.00
Sold outFerrnoi Sterling Necklace - Parallel LuxuryFerrnoi Sterling Necklace - Parallel Luxury
Ferrnoi Sterling Necklace Sale price$78.00
Sold outChanel Turnlock Earrings - Parallel LuxuryChanel Turnlock Earrings - Parallel Luxury
Chanel Turnlock Earrings Sale price$898.00
Sold outChanel Necklace Mini Pouch - Parallel LuxuryChanel Necklace Mini Pouch - Parallel Luxury
Chanel Necklace Mini Pouch Sale price$798.00
Sold outChanel Earrings 70s - Parallel LuxuryChanel Earrings 70's - Parallel Luxury
Chanel Earrings 70's Sale price$698.00
Sold outStatement Metal Necklace - Parallel LuxuryStatement Metal Necklace - Parallel Luxury
Statement Metal Necklace Sale price$68.00
Sold outJonette Jewelry Celestial Earrings - Parallel LuxuryJonette Jewelry Celestial Earrings - Parallel Luxury
Sold outD&D Poodle Earrings - Parallel LuxuryD&D Poodle Earrings - Parallel Luxury
D&D Poodle Earrings Sale price$58.00
Sold outPink Poodle Earrings - Parallel LuxuryPink Poodle Earrings - Parallel Luxury
Pink Poodle Earrings Sale price$68.00
Sold outChanel Vintage Brooch 70's - Parallel LuxuryChanel Vintage Brooch 70's - Parallel Luxury
Chanel Vintage Brooch 70's Sale price$898.00
Sold outChanel Vintage Necklace 90's - Parallel LuxuryChanel Vintage Necklace 90's - Parallel Luxury
Sold outChanel Logo Earrings - Parallel LuxuryChanel Logo Earrings - Parallel Luxury
Chanel Logo Earrings Sale price$428.00
Sold outChristian Lacroix Vintage Earrings - Parallel LuxuryChristian Lacroix Vintage Earrings - Parallel Luxury
Sold outEscada Necklace - Parallel LuxuryEscada Necklace - Parallel Luxury
Escada Necklace Sale price$168.00
Sold outChanel Vintage Drop Earring - Parallel LuxuryChanel Vintage Drop Earring - Parallel Luxury
Chanel Vintage Drop Earring Sale price$898.00
Sold outChanel 90's Earrings - Parallel LuxuryChanel 90's Earrings - Parallel Luxury
Chanel Earrings 90's Sale price$648.00
Sold outChanel Vintage Logo Crystal Earrings - Parallel LuxuryChanel Vintage Logo Crystal Earrings - Parallel Luxury
Sold outKarl Lagerfeld Vintage Earrings - Parallel LuxuryKarl Lagerfeld Vintage Earrings - Parallel Luxury