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With a deep appreciation for the environment and fashion, Parallel Luxury was born. An ever evolving collection of luxury, trend and vintage apparel. Fashion consistently parallels the past, and we find ourselves reaching back in time for those precious pieces that become highly coveted again.

Hi, I'm Chelsea, founder, photographer and luxury authenticator with well over a decade of experience. When the world slowed down in 2020, Parallel Luxury was a natural transition that put my skills to use. Parallel Luxury supports my mission of making our world a better place though circular fashion, education and donations near and dear to our customers hearts. We donate a percentage of each sale to the cause of your choice and plant a tree for each item sold.

Actions speak volumes and Parallel Luxury believes in doing what we can to help the environment and our planet as a whole. We believe business should be a win, win, win. A win for you as a customer or consignor, a win for the small business owner and a win for the environment, by adopting a sustainable business model, raising awareness of slow and circular fashion and engaging in the necessary actions such as, donating, recycling and offsetting shipping emissions. We all make an impact, especially in our everyday purchases and actions.

Each item we offer is 100% guaranteed authentic or your money back. We do not sell fakes, grey market items and have no affiliation with the parallel market. Each item we sell is authenticated by at least two luxury authenticators. We take into consideration the brand history, weight, material, stitching, feel and overall appearance, with decades of luxury authentication experience we feel confident standing behind each item we offer. Read more about our authentication process here.

Parallel Luxury is now accepting consignments for women's and men's designer apparel. Based in the California Bay Area, we offer home curbside consignment pickups and monthly pickups in Los Angeles. Contact for more information.